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We will take whatever it needs to complete our core services cycle successfully. Discovery World Freight Forwarding’s area of specialization primarily includes:

Customs Brokerage

Air Freight

Sea Freight

Road Freight

Customs Brokerage

Customs brokerage is a profession that involves the clearing of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters. This involves the preparation of documents and electronic submissions, the calculation of and usually the payment on behalf of the client for duties and taxes and facilitating communication between the importer and exporter and government authorities. Our customs brokerage team consist of highly trained professionals in terms of correct tariffing, customs vat and duty calculations and all information that you might require to know prior to your importation or exportation. They can give quotations telephonically without making you wait in the queue, and there after an email or fax will follow.

Discovery World will also assist not only with the above but also the application for tariff determination to ensure that the correct duties and taxes are paid. We can also apply for refunds of customs duties if incorrect were paid.

We provide assistance with the registration of importers and exporters with the department of customs and excise and interpretation of relevant sections of customs Act.

Discovery World is a broad based total logistics provider, with knowledge as our key, strength and willingness to care for each consignment as if it is ours.

Air Freight

With all the restrictions and limitations in the airfreight sector, our creativity goes beyond.

Discovery World offers international airfreight forwarding services such as:

Consolidation services to and from all major destinations

Split and full chartering

Nationwide pick-up and delivery services

Packing, warehousing and storage

Domestic and world-wide door-door services

Special cargo handling services such as heavy, oversized, fragile and valuable cars

Customs brokerage services and delivery services to end users

Tracking and tracing of air freight shipments

Sea Freight

Offers international sea freight services such as:

Groupage containers LCL and FCL services to and from the major parts of the world

Conventional and RO/RO services

Split and full chartering

Project forwarding and cross-border shipments

Nationwide pick- up and delivery services

Container loading and lashing

Warehouse and storage

Domestic and world-wide door to door services

Special cargo handling services such as heavy, out of gauge, fragile and valuable cargo

Customs brokerage services and delivery services in inland trucking.

Break down and direct services to end users.

Tracking and tracing of sea freight shipments

Road Freight

Competitive solutions are our specialty

General cargo transport

Abnormal cargo with road permits

Over-border transport

All above mentioned services are completed with customs clearance, warehousing and supervision services.

To summarize, when choosing a provider of logistics services, you are buying the people, the systems and the culture of an organization. You must trust that these three critical elements work in harmony on a global basis. To reiterate, at Discovery World we take great pride in ensuring that our clients get the same level of constant service everywhere in the world. Our client retention record is a testament to our ability to exceed our customers’ expectation and never take their business for granted. Our goal of 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time keeping is something we live by. If given the opportunity, we will surprise you with our capability, our commitment and the subsequent results of our combined efforts.

The bottom line is, Discovery World has the systems, facilities and most important, the people to provide the most services at affordable rates.