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Our Partners

We set clear expectations with business partners across our entire supply chain. Our relationships are supported by a supply chain of socially responsible, ethical companies committed to treating their employees with respect and dignity. We value and measure supplier diversity and encourage ongoing systemic improvements in the suppliers with which we partner. If you wish to become a preferred supply partner, please review our Supplier Conduct Guidelines.


The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is the revenue service (tax-collecting agency) of the South African government. It was established by legislation to collect revenue and ensure compliance with tax law. Its vision is to be an innovative revenue and customs agency that enhances economic growth and social development, and supports South Africa’s integration into the global economy in a way that benefits all citizens.

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South Africa Airways

South African Airways serves more than 700 destinations throughout the world. Carries more than 6.5 million passengers each year and serves 34 cities in 26 countries on six continents. 20% of their domestic travellers fly more than one trip per month on average. They fly more than 20 domestic routes, with 20 flights a day between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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Twin Towers

TWIN TOWERS COMPUTER SOLUTIONS is located in Kempton Park CBD, South- Africa. it operated as a buyer/seller in the computer wholesale industry from a very long time. We are exporters of used & refurbished Computers, Monitors, Notebooks, Hard drives, CPU’s, RAM, CD ROMs, Floppy drives etc. we also sell New Laptops, printers, severs and all kinds of computer products.

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Jozi Hosting

Jozi Hosting offers you a complete hosting solutions for emails, websites, applivations  and uncapped ADSL solution. Our services has easy to user control panel and friendly support guaranteed  – Our Hosting service include Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Website Development, application , email hosting, Hosting

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